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The genesis NFT in Sanji AI ecosystem.

Straw Hat Savant Sanji



As the culinary genius of the Straw Hat Pirates, this NFT embodies Sanji's mastery of the kitchen and his unwavering commitment to his crew, forever immortalized in the digital realm.

Black Leg Bounty Sanji



Known for his devastating kicks and gourmet cooking, Black Leg Bounty Sanji NFT captures the essence of the Straw Hat chef's culinary prowess and combat finesse in pixelated glory.

Cook of the Grand Line



With a spatula in one hand and a cigarette in the other, Cook of the Grand Line Sanji NFT epitomizes the culinary adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates, bringing a taste of the high seas to the digital world.

All Blue Explorer Sanji



Join the forefront of AI innovation, where creativity meets Dreaming of finding the legendary All Blue, this NFT portrays Sanji's relentless pursuit of culinary perfection and his quest to unite the world's oceans through the art of cooking.

Sautéing Swashbuckler Sanji



Amidst the chaos of battle, Sautéing Swashbuckler Sanji effortlessly wields his culinary skills as weapons, blending combat prowess with gastronomic flair in the world of NFTs.

Pirate Chef Prodigy



Pirate Chef Prodigy Sanji NFT showcases the duality of the Straw Hat chef, balancing his skills as a formidable fighter with his passion for creating mouthwatering dishes aboard the Thousand Sunny.

Flavorful Fighter Sanji



With a kick as spicy as his dishes, Flavorful Fighter Sanji NFT embodies the fiery spirit and culinary expertise of the Straw Hat crew's resident chef, ready to serve up both flavor and justice in the digital realm.

Diable Jambe Maestro



Igniting the flames of passion and flavor, Diable Jambe Maestro Sanji NFT showcases the chef's iconic technique, infusing his dishes with a fiery intensity that captivates taste buds and imaginations alike.

A new meme with AI innovation

Chronicles of AI NFTs that are uniquely distinguished to one another

A community-driven and embarking new era of memes


26.1% Liquidity

53.9% Presale

10% CEX

10% Airdrop

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